The NuAdvance
Arthroscopic Advantage

NuAdvance Orthopedics

We strive to provide you with the latest innovations to effectively treat your upper extremity problems, including the shoulder, arm and elbow, as well as lower extremities, from hips to toes.

Every patient receives personalized treatment regardless of whether you are a professional athlete facing potential career loss or a weekend warrior with chronic joint pain, we are here to provide you with the latest advances in treatment and care.

“The advent of arthroscopy in orthopedic surgery has revolutionized the treatment of joint conditions that once were not possible with open techniques in many respects.”

Where as an open technique exposes the joint and violates normal tissues which may lead to unsightly scars, an arthroscopic approach requires only tiny portals to insert a pencil–thin fiber optic camera and instruments into the joint without extensive disruption of normal tissues. The arthroscopic view through the video monitor often provides better visualization and access to the injured areas. The difference in outcome is truly outstanding.

Knee Arthroscopy

Many sports injuries and degenerative conditions of the knee can be treated arthroscopically with less pain and early return to function. Arthroscopy is utilized to repair or reconstruct cruciate ligament rupture, meniscal cartilage tears, chondral lesions, plica syndrome, and patellar maltracking syndrome. We also use arthroscopy to optimize fracture treatment and in the removal of loose
bodies and synovitis.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopyis trulythe hallmarkofwhat redefines the standard of care. Rotator cufftears, impingementsyndrome, bicepstendinitis, cartilage and labral tears, arthritis, shoulder instability, frozen shoulder, and bursitis are some of the conditions that can be very effectively treated arthroscopically.

Wrist Arthroscopy

Ligament tears and cartilage disruption have been misdiagnosed as “sprains” in the past and left untreated. This led to the increased risk of painful arthritic reconstruction and joint destruction, necessitating major reconstruction or fusion with loss of motion. The early diagnosis and treatment of these wrist conditions have been revolutionized through the use of arthroscopic techniques.

Total & Partial Joint Replacement

When a joint has reached the point of severe and irreversible damage due to arthritis, injury, prolonged wear, or disease, pain and loss of function may be so profound that the replacing of the entire or partial joint are sometimes necessary. At NuAdvance Orthopedics, we only use cutting-edge advanced artificial joint prostheses that incorporate wear resistant polymers and metal alloys. More recently, partial joint replacement has become more popular and in select patients, they can enjoy the benefits of a smaller incision and faster recovery.

Fracture Care

Broken bones are treated with innovative fixation techniques to allow for the earliest maximum return
to motion. Whether you have to return to work or prepare for the next big game, NuAdvance Orthopedics will be there every step of the way.

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